PEOPLE, planet, profit

Our investors, workers and farm managers are the community we serve. We seek out investment opportunities on the basis of sustainability, location, crop outlook and anticipated total return. Each of our properties are syndicated with 10 -100 participating investors, providing access to agricultural farmland for qualified investors with $50,000 minimum investments.

people, PLANET, profit

Our properties are sustainably managed with the goal of minimizing inputs and carbon footprint. We accomplish this by eliminating or minimizing chemical inputs, using renewable energy sources to run pumps and machinery and maximize water use efficiency through data based irrigation design and real-time monitoring of soil conditions.

people, planet, PROFIT

“Is the current food crisis just another market vagary? Evidence suggests not; we are undergoing a transition to a new equilibrium, reflecting a new economic, climatic, demographic and ecological reality.” – Japanese Prime Minister, Taro Aso, 2010